My name is Doug Miller. I live just ouside of Farmington in the Northwest corner of New Mexico. I am a full time artist working primarily from my home. Creating art allows me to interpret the beauty that I see all around me.


 I have alway been fascinated by the original artists of the Southwest whose work is found on ancient pottery and cliff faces. My work can be found on gourds, rock panels, and canvas. I work primarily with acrylics but I have also sculpted using the natural sandstone found not far from my home. I have taken no formal training but have always been encouraged by the "oohs" and "ahs" of those who have seen my work, especially my sculptures.


         My works have taken many awards and I would like to mention just a few.

     1st Place, Sculpture, Taos Archaeological Society. May 5 1989.


      1st Place, Gourd Sculpture,  American Gourd Society.  October 2006.


       Best of Show, Gateway To Imagination, Farmington NM,  May 2011


       Best of Show,  Courage Kenny International Art Show, Minneapolis MN  2015


         My work has also been featured in several publications:


       Southwest Sampler, Santa Fe NM  Christmas 1991


       New Mexico Magazine, December 1999


       New Mexico Magazine, September 2002


       The Gourd Magazine,  The American Gourd Society, Winter 2007 issue 


       Majestic Living Magazine, Farmington NM,  May 2011         


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